Brooklyn’s Best Rooftop Restaurants

When it comes to dining in Brooklyn, you’re not just indulging in delicious food; you’re embarking on a culinary adventure with a view. Brooklyn’s rooftop restaurants offer a unique blend of delectable cuisine and breathtaking vistas that elevate your dining experience to new heights. In this article, we’ll explore the best rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn, ensuring you savor both the flavors and the scenery.

Why Choose Rooftop Restaurants in Brooklyn

Unique Dining Experience

Rooftop dining is more than just a meal; it’s an experience. It offers a sense of exclusivity and adventure that you can’t find in traditional dining venues. Whether it’s a romantic date night or a celebration with friends, rooftop restaurants provide a memorable backdrop for any occasion.

Stunning Views of Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s skyline is a sight to behold, especially when illuminated by the setting sun or the city’s twinkling lights. Rooftop restaurants offer panoramic views that showcase the borough’s beauty, making it an ideal setting for an unforgettable meal.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating a special event or simply want to savor a good meal, rooftop restaurants cater to various occasions. Their versatility makes them suitable for everything from casual gatherings to formal dinners.

Top Rooftop Restaurants in Brooklyn

The Roof at OurPlace

Situated atop OurPlace, this rooftop gem offers a chic and intimate atmosphere. With its lush greenery and contemporary American cuisine, it’s an excellent choice for a romantic dinner.

SkyLounge Brooklyn

One of Brooklyn’s premier rooftop bars, SkyLounge Brooklyn, boasts unobstructed views of the borough. Known for its inventive cocktails and heated rooftop, it’s a must-visit year-round.

Sunset Bites Rooftop

For those who appreciate Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, Sunset Bites Rooftop offers a taste of the Mediterranean right in Brooklyn. The retractable roof ensures a delightful dining experience, rain or shine.

Starry Heights Grill

Perched atop a boutique hotel, Starry Heights Grill provides panoramic views of Brooklyn’s skyline. The menu is a fusion of international flavors, and their craft cocktails are a delight.

The Urban Oasis

The Urban Oasis, nestled amidst the cityscape, offers a sophisticated atmosphere with a spacious terrace. It’s an excellent choice for sunset views and expertly crafted cocktails.

Culinary Delights and Drink Selection

Diverse Menus for Every Palate

Brooklyn’s rooftop restaurants offer diverse menus, ranging from international cuisines to local favorites. Whether you’re a fan of seafood, steak, or vegetarian dishes, you’ll find something to tantalize your taste buds.

Crafted Cocktails and Signature Drinks

Many rooftop bars are renowned for their inventive cocktails and mixology. Sip on a signature drink as you soak in the stunning views. The bartenders here are often as creative as the chefs.

Sunset Dining and Moonlight Feasts

Rooftop dining becomes magical during sunset and on starry nights. The changing hues of the sky and the city lights below add a touch of romance and wonder to your dining experience.

Tips for a Memorable Rooftop Experience

Reservations and Dress Code

To secure a table at popular rooftop restaurants, it’s advisable to make reservations in advance. Additionally, many rooftop establishments have a dress code, so check in advance to avoid any surprises.

Timings for the Best Atmosphere

Consider the time of day for your rooftop dining experience. Sunset and evening reservations offer a different ambiance compared to daytime visits. Choose the timing that suits your preferences.

Capturing the Moment with Photography

Rooftop dining offers fantastic photo opportunities. Capture the picturesque views, your beautifully plated dishes, and the moments that make your visit special.

Safety and COVID-19 Considerations

Before planning your rooftop dining experience, it’s essential to check the latest COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions. Many restaurants have adapted their operations to ensure the safety of guests.


Brooklyn’s rooftop restaurants offer a perfect blend of culinary excellence and breathtaking views. Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening, a celebration with friends, or a solo adventure, these establishments have something for everyone. So, elevate your dining experience and savor the flavors of Brooklyn from above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations necessary for rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn?

Yes, reservations are highly recommended, especially at popular rooftop dining spots. It ensures you have a table and a memorable experience.

What is the average cost of a meal at a rooftop restaurant?

The cost can vary significantly depending on the restaurant and your choices. On average, expect to spend between $50 and $150 per person, including food and drinks.

Can I bring children to rooftop dining venues?

It’s best to check with the specific restaurant’s policy. While some rooftop establishments welcome families, others may have age restrictions due to safety or ambiance considerations.

Is rooftop dining available year-round in Brooklyn?

Many rooftop restaurants have heated or enclosed areas, making them accessible throughout the year. However, it’s a good idea to check if the restaurant of your choice is open during the season you plan to visit.

Do rooftop restaurants accommodate dietary restrictions?

Yes, most rooftop restaurants in Brooklyn offer vegetarian and vegan menu options to cater to a wide range of dietary preferences. Be sure to inquire about these choices when making your reservation.

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