Snickerdoodle Hot Chocolate Starbucks Recipe

snickerdoodle hot chocolate starbucks recipe
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Welcome to my article where I will share with you the recipe for a delicious snickerdoodle hot chocolate, just like the one from Starbucks. I have always been a fan of this warm and cozy drink, and I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy it from the comfort of their own home. So, let’s get started!


  • 1 cup of milk
  • 1/4 cup of white chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp of vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp of ground cinnamon
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Cinnamon sugar (optional)


  1. In a small saucepan, heat the milk until it starts to steam.
  2. Add the white chocolate chips and stir until melted and smooth.
  3. Add the vanilla extract and ground cinnamon and whisk until well combined.
  4. Pour the hot chocolate into a mug and top with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar, if desired.
  5. Enjoy!


Calories Fat Carbohydrates Protein
280 14g 31g 7g


  • Q: Can I use dark chocolate chips instead of white chocolate chips?
  • A: Yes, you can use dark chocolate chips, but it will change the flavor of the hot chocolate.
  • Q: Can I use almond milk instead of regular milk?
  • A: Yes, you can use any type of milk you prefer.
  • Q: Do I have to use whipped cream and cinnamon sugar?
  • A: No, they are optional toppings.
  • Q: Can I make this ahead of time?
  • A: Yes, you can make the hot chocolate ahead of time and reheat it when ready to serve.
  • Q: How long does it last?
  • A: The hot chocolate can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 days.
  • Q: Can I add marshmallows?
  • A: Yes, you can add marshmallows on top of the whipped cream.
  • Q: Can I make this in a slow cooker?
  • A: Yes, you can make a large batch of hot chocolate in a slow cooker and keep it warm for a party or gathering.
  • Q: Can I add a shot of espresso?
  • A: Yes, you can make a snickerdoodle hot chocolate latte by adding a shot of espresso to the hot chocolate.


If you want to make this hot chocolate even more decadent, you can add a splash of Baileys or Kahlua for a boozy twist. You can also sprinkle some cocoa powder on top of the whipped cream for a chocolatey finish.

For a dairy-free version, you can use coconut milk or almond milk instead of regular milk. You can also use dairy-free chocolate chips.

If you want to make a large batch of hot chocolate for a party or gathering, you can double or triple the recipe and keep it warm in a slow cooker. Just make sure to stir it occasionally.

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